The Beauty of Digital Life!

Every aspect of modern life has been modified by digital technology. Social connectivity, remote working, online shopping,  and virtual learning are a few of many merits contributed by digital technology. From ordering a burger from your room to making on-line shopping to having video conference with business partners in home-office, digital technology makes everything smooth and convenient within the range of your arm.

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Shop from home. 
Buy goods and products from wholesalers  at retail prices to Save Money & Time. In addition, enjoy  special 
Deals and Coupons.

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Fur Baby Rescue

Adoption From Shelter,
DO NOT Buy From a Breeder
People who buy pet from a breeder are treated like pond scum for not rescuing a dog instead.

Home Remedies

Home Remedies are simple but effective measures to tackle minor health challenges that need no intensive medical treatments.  Knowledge are often passed along from one generation to another.   Let’s share the valuable wisdoms here to make them more useful.

Natural remedies for common headache

Stress, soy sauce, quitting junk food/ sugar or caffeine (to some people) can sometime cause withdrawal symptoms similar, to those experienced when quitting tobacco or addictive substances. 

Things to do
Drink enough water & stay hydrated
Cold compress: Applying ice packs to the neck or head could temporarily relieve headache pain.
Warm compress: Some apply heated towel which may help relax muscles and bring relief
Remove pressure on the head
Turn down the lights
Try some Herbal tea
Getting too much/ too little Sleep may influence a headache in some people, please try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
Caffeine: Drinking coffee, tea, soda may sometimes help ease a headache.
Magnesium: Adding magnesum to the diet may help reduce headaches or prevents them 
B vitamins: Some may help protect against headaches or reduce them

Things to avoid
Salty foods and processed foods that may contain harmful preservatives
Consuming high levels of sodium can increase blood pressure, causing headaches 

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Cooking Hacks

Share Your Own Cooking Stories Here!
Give yourself a chance to let people know your creativity.  Post your works with photos that speaks a thousand words.

Fanatic Station

Opportunity to Be Adventurous
This is the time in your life where you can be adventurous.

Online Education

Knowledge is POWER
Welcome Learners and Instructors! We provides FREE online education for Computer Graphic Design, English Language and Hotel Management Courses. Learn at your own pace and improve your skills.

Best Sites to Learn IT skills online for FREE 
Free online courses for IT beginners
Free online courses for learning how to code

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Best free cert prep for cloud engineers

Stanford University

Style Rental

Quick and easy steps to Style yourself
Dresses to Rent
Rent everything from long flowy maxis, to cute minis for work, special occasion dresses and events.
You have dresses, way too many to choose from, but nothing quite right for this event and breaking the bank seems never ending……
So, here we are!

Step 1
Pick unique collection from the closets.
It’s all yours …

Step 2
Get your special piece from the closets whenever it’s convenient for you.

Step 3
Picked up by a courier or Drop it off at our closets.


We are honoring the untold stories of extra ordinary people by creating a space for them to share their experiences that shaping the future.
It is our honor to read and share. Watch their stories and share your own….

Web Hosting

Our secure hosting platform, complete with cPanel, offers a 99% uptime guarantee, unmetered bandwidth, a free website domain name, privacy protection, and up to 50 free PositiveSSL certificates for one year.

Web Development & Updating Service

In the digital era, having a website for a business has become a must-do factor. Updating info, images, and contents become a challenges and essential. 

Revenue & OTAs Management

With extensive experience in hotel industry, we will be implementing best practices, proven techniques and an increase your financial performance. 

Hotel Management & Consultation

With a deep understanding by contributing years of experience, we understand our client challenges and our strength lies in getting the best solutions for achieving our clients’ goals.

Absolute Solution for Hotel Booking Software

Hotelier are able to shared allotment with travel agent. This smart booking software is very flexible and allows you to have different settings and payment methods enabled on each hotel. The customer can see the history of previous reservations and also track the status of his reservations in real time.

Absolute Solution for Online Ticketing Software

This smart ticketing software is a web based booking software for time scheduled events such as hot air balloons, express coaches, rendezvous, appointments, cultural events, shows, tickets, lessons, flights and seminars for any business that works with specified date/time schedule for doctors, teachers, actors and many more…