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Natural remedies for common headache

Stress, soy sauce, quitting junk food/ sugar or caffeine (to some people) can sometime cause withdrawal symptoms similar, to those experienced when quitting tobacco or addictive substances. 

Things to do
Drink enough water & stay hydrated
Cold compress: Applying ice packs to the neck or head could temporarily relieve headache pain.
Warm compress: Some apply heated towel which may help relax muscles and bring relief
Remove pressure on the head
Turn down the lights
Try some Herbal tea
Getting too much/ too little Sleep may influence a headache in some people, please try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.
Caffeine: Drinking coffee, tea, soda may sometimes help ease a headache.
Magnesium: Adding magnesum to the diet may help reduce headaches or prevents them 
B vitamins: Some may help protect against headaches or reduce them

Things to avoid

Salty foods and processed foods that may contain harmful preservatives
Consuming high levels of sodium can increase blood pressure, causing headaches 

For more information, please go to Webmd.com

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